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The message is quite clear at the bus shelter.  It's 'Lest we Forget'.  In the two World Wars, twenty-one men from South Leigh died, sixteen in the First World War and five in the Second.  Their names are in the porch at the church and they will be remembered.

Martin Spurrier

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The Witch of Halloween is cooking up a brew in the bus shelter!

Even the Ocado delivery van came to an abrupt unscheduled stop outside the bus shelter for the driver to take pictures as the sun went down and the witch of Station Road woke up week.

Pop round and see our friendly witch and her two pet mammoth spiders in the Witch's Kitchen, night or day. She'll have something special cooking for you.

Martin Spurrier

Who needs Brighton beach for a selfie?

Two South Leigh-on-Sea beach huts have popped up in our Station Road bus shelter - the perfect destination for a summer selfie!

They come complete with Brighton-inspired striped colour schemes, real pebbles, summer cocktails, a mega beach ball stuck on the roof, a traditional deck chair and, of course, the inevitable seagulls.

It all arrived out of the blue on Friday, 13th August to the delight of passers by who stopped to see it unfold during the day.

By evening it was complete to become the fifth bus shelter edition - earlier iterations have seen the bus shelter themed as a library, Santa’s Christmas grottos, Valentine’s Day and Easter Bunny’s Burrow.

Nicky Brooks, Chair of the Parish Council, said, "The inspiration to make the disused bus shelter a focal point was at the start of the first lockdown when it became a community library and swap shop to help overcome travel restrictions".

She added, "Its latest summer beach hut theme brings buckets (and spades) full of fun to village residents. If anyone would like to send me a selfie from the Costa del Bus we’ll post them on our village Facebook page. Sunglasses are not mandatory but are suggested!"

And don’t forget to use sun cream when you visit Station Road!

Martin Spurrier

Beach-hut builders
Beach hut builder with his assistants
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The Chair in a chair

Easter 'Bus Stop Bunnies' have taken over the shelter!

The bus shelter in Station Road has pulled another one out of the hat! This time, it’s popped up as the 'Bunny Burrow' and it’s well in time for Easter egg painting!

Little children can have tea with the knitted bunnies and, for older ones, there are coloured eggs (plastic) to be taken home and painted and then brought back and hung on the Easter Egg tree. If they’d prefer, they can just bring their own painted egg to hang in the Bunny Burrow.

It's a little bit early but... Happy Easter everyone!

Martin Spurrier


Our bus shelter is just the ticket

Do you think that the builders of our modest concrete bus shelter in Station Road ever thought that it would become a civic attraction? The Lockdown, however, has already given the little bunker several new creative leases of life, the most recent being on Valentine’s Day.

The day before 14th February, it suddenly emerged in its fourth edition, as the perfect romantic Lockdown rendezvous standing in for posh restaurants that could not host Valentine’s Day couples because of Covid-19.

Hearts and roses were in profusion and the supper table was already set up for loving selfies. Plus, there was a bottle of fizz to be won in the 'Best Selfie competition'. Congratulations to Heather Horner and Keith Chandler.

Martin Spurrier, February 2021


Villagers thank Community Hero

Martin Collett has been an inspiration during the lockdown with his tireless work for the community in and around the village. So much so, that on Saturday, 11th July, as soon as we were allowed to get together - socially distanced, of course!) - residents presented him with a token of appreciation at a community gathering.

Martin Collett has lived in the same house in Chapel Road with his brother, Michael, since he was born and has been a part of our community ever since.

Martin gives virtually all his spare time to the village. If he is not cutting back hedges, he is up to his knees in the stream clearing blockages, pushing his mower along the verges or he’s out in the winter shovelling snow. For years he has been a force behind the summer fayre and, when you see his red truck parked in a gap in the hedge, you know Martin is at work, somewhere.

"Martin’s untiring example of community spirit is an inspiration to us all" said Dick Pears, a resident of 40 years. "Indeed, he his responsible, to a large extent, for our village functioning well and looking so beautiful".

The moment social distancing rules allowed it the community got together to thank Martin for his work. In fact, Martin even made and distributed the invitations and helped serve the BBQ and operate the bar! What he did not know was that there had been a secret collection around the village. "We have a nice present for you, Martin, as well as an engraved tankard from us all with our thanks", Dick announced.

He added, "Lockdown has given us all time to get more involved in community activities in the village. We have seen windflower planting along the verges, tree planting, tidying up the churchyard trees, sign and bridge scraping and painting, and the refurbishment of the three commemorative benches. The sprucing up of our disused bus shelter and its conversion into a temporary library and swap shop even made the newspapers!"

Martin Spurrier (14.08.2020)

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