Past events

Murder mystery play ~ South Leigh sleuths on the job

On Friday 23rd July, residents of South Leigh and their friends assisted in solving a particularly nasty crime...

Lord Oakington of Oakington Hall had been found dead in his study. There were eight suspects including Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes’s assistant, a friend of the family. They were all there for a welcome home party for a family member.

The play started with an hysterical woman rushing into the room shouting and sobbing to announce that she had found Lord Oakington murdered. Watson immediately sent for Holmes and he and the audience painstakingly tried to find out who could have done such a terrible thing, why and how.

While the audience made copious notes and discussed their ideas (in tables of six), a delicious supper of salmon and new potatoes was served to everyone followed by lemon cheesecake or sticky toffee brownies, coffee and mints.

We racked our brains and scratched our heads and scribbled our thoughts onto the paper provided as Holmes interviewed all eight suspects, watching carefully for any signs of guilt. Was it the housekeeper? The cups rattled violently on the tea tray as she brought it in. No, she couldn’t murder a tea cosy, could she? What about the French lady fluttering her eyelids and looking all coy? Would she want to get blood on her beautifully manicured hands? - maybe.

The time came for a decision. We the audience had to decide. Holmes collected the notes and written decision from each table in the room and carefully looked through them. One person had all the answers correct, the name of the murderer, the reason and the extraordinary way it was accomplished and that was David Auger. Well done David. Dawn Ellis’s table came second with nearly all the answers.

Thank you to the Bartholomew Players for a hugely professional and entertaining evening. We hope they will put on another play for us next year. Thank you to the Village Hall Committee for organising such an enjoyable reopening celebration.

Liz Ashwell, 13th August 2021