The South Leigh Village Hall was officially opened by the Rt. Hon. David Cameron, the Prime Minister and our own Member of Parliament on Friday, 29th November 2013.

Due to constraints of capacity, not everyone in the village was able to attend but many villagers took photographs of this memorable event and you can see some of those on the following pages, taken by Kathryn Norris, Malcolm Osmundson and Rita Sawrey-Woodwards.

These are only a small representation of the number of photographs taken - Kathryn took 796 photographs, Malcolm took 135 and Rita took 99 - a reflection perhaps on what the age of digital photography has brought to us. Imagine the cost of printing all those in days gone by! As a consequence, I have found it very difficult to reduce those I have chosen to display on the following pages to a number that I felt would be enjoyed by visitors to the website. I hope the photographers will not be offended by any omissions - I feel sure they will let me know if they are - and apologise now for any choices with which they disagree.

Tim Lawson, Webmaster, December 2013.