Art exhibition 2013

This was a very successful weekend event attracting over a hundred visitors, thanks to 24 artists from both South Leigh and members of St. James' congregation contributing a wide variety of wonderful and different artwork. At least 101 exhibits were very much enjoyed by over 100 visitors.

Exhibits included paintings, drawings, sculpture (some mobile), woodwork pieces, beaten gilded metal, jewellery, photography, quilting and patchwork, spun and knitted wool, crossstich, tapestry, dressmaking, lace, caning, basketry, a collection of assorted cards and the most beautiful book called 'Song of Four Seasons' - entirely bound and printed by hand, with painted illustrations to the written script.

The Church looked amazing - a spectacle of colour and sunlight flooding through both windows and open doors. We had a marvellous array of cakes and slices on offer too, all adding extra flavour.

Thanks to all those who helped and especially to David Brown, Malcolm Osmundson and Anne Cherry for setting up, setting down and everything in between; to Corin Mills for transporting the Museum screens from the Witney Museum which Malcolm got for us; and to the musicians - John Hampton, Simon and Kathy Stace and Rita Sawey-Woodwards whose beautiful music created a wonderful atmosphere. Blessed are the cake-makers - we are very grateful to them for making delicious eats (which were all used up).

Thanks to the creative people who made, and to those who visited.

Let’s keep creating and do it again!

Thank you so much to all the visitors who came; it was you who made it such an encouragement to the rest of us!

Louise Taylor