South Leigh Parish Council
Accounts for year ended 31st March 2020

Financial Statements to year end 31st March 2020

Each year your Parish Council is obliged to submit a financial report to external Auditors appointed by the Government who require certain financial summaries in a prescribed form independent of our actual Accounts. Whether a formal external audit is actually done depends on whether or nor our income or expenditure exceeds certain prescribed limits. These prescribed financial statements are derived from the Accounts themselves although it is the actual Accounts that are presented later to the Parish AGM.

Of course we live in strange times at present so the regulations have been changed again to take into account the effect of coronavirus.

The AGM has been postponed, and no new date can yet be fixed hence a physical audit would be problematic.

We have now been advised that the Parish Council can self-certify that it is exempt from a formal external audit if its income and / or expenditure did not exceed £25,000 for the year in question. As it happens, not least thanks to coronavirus, we are below those thresholds even on a consolidated basis including the Parish Council itself and its sub-committees of the Village Hall and the Playground Association.

Accordingly, the Parish Council has resolved to self-certify and the prescribed Certificate of Exemption can be accessed by clicking the relevant button below. As a consequence, the external audit fee will be only £200 plus VAT.

However, to meet the self-certification requirements, the Parish Council had to conduct an internal audit (for which we give thanks in these difficult times to David Taylor) and has to publish various prescribed form statements and documents on its website which are also accessible below together with a statement of Public Rights.

This fulfils our statutory obligations.

The full Accounts for the Parish Council will be published on this website in due course and in good time for the AGM whenever that may be.

Nicky Brooks
Chairman of South Leigh Parish Council
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