South Leigh

Welcome to South Leigh, Oxfordshire...

Welcome to South Leigh!

We are a rural community of some 340 people and 140 houses just 2½ miles east of Witney and 10 miles west of Oxford. There is lots going on here despite the description of an itinerant journalist from The Times who described us as the 'sleepy village with a Bohemian pub'!

Our village buzzes with activity and community groups, mostly centred around the Village Hall that was built as a Victorian village school. Our Parish Council thrives and our Summer Fayre, cricket and bowls matches take their place in the calendar together with the myriad activities described in this website.

Set in rolling farm land, our recorded history starts in the 12th Century, as did our enchanting Parish church. Its extraordinary wall paintings are 15th Century and one of the bells is dated 1399. John Westley preached here in 1771 and, in the 1800s, a small Methodist congratulation was established with its own chapel, now a private house among others along Chapel Road.

There are two other clusters of houses - Station Road (the railway station closed in 1965) where the 'eccentric and fun' Grade II-listed Artist Residence, the thatched Mason Arms pub, resides. The oldest settlement is around the church of St. James the Great, at Church End.

As South Leigh residents, we are passionate about our village, its idyllic setting, its bucolic views and its future. This was underlined when, in 2019, we completed our Neighbourhood Plan in record time with over 90 percent voting in favour. It was formally adopted in January 2019 and will help us to protect our community, our way of life and our future.

Welcome again to the South Leigh website. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

South Leigh Community Speed Watch

Induction with Police ~ 30th January at 2:30pm in the Village Hall

I am delighted to say South Leigh have a speed gun for their Community Speed Watch Group. We also have several 'high-vis' jackets that can be worn over coats whilst conducting Speed Watch.

The Police will be meeting with volunteers at the Village Hall on Thursday, January 30th at 2:30pm and those volunteers will be inducted. The meeting won’t take long but we need as many volunteers as possible to attend so that those that cannot be there can be trained by those that have.

The Police will have already assessed the village prior to this for suitable locations for us to operate the camera and be bringing some posters that we will need to put up as we have to do this to inform drivers.

I hope that you will be able to join me in making South Leigh a safer place by informing drivers of the speed limit. Persistent speeders will receive a letter from the Police and, if it is serious, can be visited for anti-social driving.

The more volunteers we have, the less time will be required by all.

Please can you let me know if you can attend and if you cannot attend whether you still want to volunteer please can you let me know.

Lysette Nicholls ~

Find and report road or street problems.
Anyone can do this by reporting to OCC by using their 'FixMyStreet' website.
Click either button above to access it.

Find and report road or street problems.
Anyone can do this by reporting to OCC by using their 'FixMyStreet' website.
Click either button above to access it.

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