A note from the treasurer

Dear friends,

Below is a brief account of our income and expenditure for 2012. I am delighted to report that we were able to pay our full contribution of the Parish Share despite it increasing by over £2000. We also paid the final bill for the major repairs to the building.


£17,659 Donations
£15,950 Grants
£ 5,817 Fundraising
£ 8,423 Tax recovered from Gift Aid
£ 49 Interest

£47,908 Total


£10,325 Parish Share (amount stipulated by the Diocese towards clergy costs)
£ 1,992 Heat, light, church/churchyard upkeep
£ 2,474 Insurance
£ 247 Services/Sunday School
£ 1,342 Clergy Expenses
£ 29 Charity Donations
£ 1,400 Grass cutting
£ 880 Roof repair
£29,290 Building Repairs (Quinquennial)

£47,979 Total

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your very generous support over the past year and for all that you do to ensure that our wonderful building remains open and thriving.

With very best wishes,
Lianne Poyser, Treasurer