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Our local correspondent's story on David Brooks' ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro can be read here.
There is also an
Oxford Mail article here.

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    Flooding outside the Mason Arms ~ 14th November 2019. Photo © Martin Spurrier.
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    Flooding outside the Mason Arms ~ 14th November 2019. Photo © Martin Spurrier.

Speeding survey

Many of you may have met myself or my husband, Gary, as we have been conducting a speed survey in South Leigh. The updated results, and an overview of discussions to date, can be seen in the three panels below.

If we missed you when we were doing the rounds of the village, and would like either to comment or help, we would be very grateful if you would
contact me by email. Lysette Nicholls, Chapel Cottage
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  • Updated survey results

    •   Quotes have been obtained for police-approved mobile speed cameras that have the ability to record non-identifiable data which we may need to do if we look at traffic calming measures.
    •   The Parish Council are, in principal, happy for us to look at all options and set up a 'Speeding Committee' which I need some volunteers for. In particular, I need volunteers for Station Road and Chapel Road as we can only use a mobile cameras at certain locations based upon risk assessments.
    •   A meeting with Oxford County Council is being organised with Nicky Brooks to look at speeding so that we can discuss other traffic calming solutions including signage at High Cogges and Barnard Gate road. A 30mph speed limit at High Cogges will also be discussed.
    •   A small group of us will be visiting Stonesfield Parish to see how their mobile speed camera works.
    •   Once we have more information, and a core group that will assist with trying to reduce speeding, we can then report back our findings. (42 Villagers said they would help when asked during our initial survey)

  • Police speed results

    Robert Webb (TVP) has now visited the village twice with a speed gun and results are below:

    •   10th October 16:20 to 17:14 (Rain stopped monitoring)
       •   19 cars captured, 6 speeding of which 3 would have received further action, i.e. 31% of captured cars were speeding.
    •   4th November 07:32 to 08:19
       •   99 cars captured, 46 speeding of which 18 would have received further action, i.e. 46% of captured cars were speeding.

  • Survey results to date

    •   68 houses contacted and spoken to, including online responses.
    •   Of the households contacted, 56 said, "YES, there is a speeding issue in the village = 82%"
    •   Total number of villagers captured on survey saying YES = 68.
    •   Number of villagers prepared to help with speed camera support = 42.
    •   Suggested ideas by villagers: Anything to calm traffic like road narrowing or flashing speed signs. High Cogges would like speed to be 30 mph. Better signage. Barnard Gate to South Leigh Road to have 30mph signage, chicane - traffic calming, static & fixed cameras, speed bumps.

Let's grow trees for the Parish and the world.

I have had an idea that I would like to share with residents of our Parish.

I'm doing lots of walking these days, training for my charity fund-raising climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in October and have seen lots of places where I think it would be great to have more trees.

We need more trees in and around our Parish. Old photos show trees everywhere and I would like to help reinstate as many as we can for the good of our environment and nature in the Parish. Trees also help a lot with flooding and wild life.

With the help of my Dad (Ken Brooks) and Martin Spurrier, who has done this before, we'll do a Parish survey and write a plan. Then we'll approach land owners and the various Councils and Authorities involved.

In the first instance I plan to find wild, self-seeded baby trees a couple of inches tall that would otherwise be destroyed, eaten by animals or mowed, and to re-plant them with a stake and shelter tube in safe places. I'm told they will look great in five years and will be proper small trees in ten.

The Woodland Trust will normally give trees to communities with a planting plan and I have already got a grant of £200 towards the costs. Families could donate stakes and shelter tubes if they have any spare and, if they pay for them, they could put their name on the tree and even look after it as it grows?

This will not cost a lot of money. It's about £2 or £3 per tree-stake and a shelter tube strong enough to withstand deer and muntjacs, and tall enough not to need changing.

I would love to hear from anyone who would like to help. Kids are most welcome especially when we go searching for the baby trees, then planting and caring for them later.

David Brooks ~

David Brooks

Find and report road or street problems.
Anyone can do this by reporting to OCC by using their 'FixMyStreet' website.
Click either button above to access it.

Find and report road or street problems.
Anyone can do this by reporting to OCC by using their 'FixMyStreet' website.
Click either button above to access it.

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